As you start looking at the elements involved in a kitchen remodel, you may quickly realize that your cabinets are a significant part of your budget. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest being the materials used and the time invested in construction of quality cabinetry. You may be tempted to cut corners and look at stock cabinet, but before you do, understand why custom cabinets are better for any bathroom or kitchen remodel.


When you’re remodeling any part of your home, you’re investing in it. Quality cabinetry will last longer and look better because of the materials and finish. For example, many stock cabinets utilize pressboard or plywood, especially for the shelving. Neither of these materials like water and neither can support much weight without sagging. Custom cabinet manufacturers primarily use hardwood for construction. Your cabinets will look better longer and last longer.


Have you ever walked through a custom home and peeked in the kitchen drawers? Custom cabinet companies offer drawers with virtually limitless custom interiors. You can choose one drawer that is made to hold dishes. Another drawer can have custom knife and utensil holders perfect to keep your kitchen neat and organized.

If you’re going for a specific style for your bath or kitchen remodel, custom cabinets come in many more styles and finishes. You’ll likely be able to find a perfect combination from one of our cabinet manufacturers.


When you choose a custom cabinet over a stock cabinet, it will fit perfectly into your new space. Custom cabinets are just that, custom. If you have an opening of 43.5”, your remodeler will order a cabinet that size. If you choose a stock cabinet, you’ll either have to choose something much smaller like a 36” cabinet or put two together that more closely fit your space but don’t completely fill it. If you need a more universal designed space, your custom cabinet manufacturer can make them the right height for your needs.

Turn to Jamco Unlimited

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