Formal Dining or Eat in Kitchen?

For some homeowners undergoing a whole home remodel, one of the biggest dilemmas they face is deciding if they really still need their dining room. It’s a nice intimate space, but if it’s only used a few times a year, is it really worth the space? How do you decide if you should dump the dining room for a large open floor plan kitchen or keep this once sacred space? Here are some things to think about before you start your home remodel.

Your Neighborhood

Even if you’re not selling today but might in the future, you should think about what the other homes in the area have. If your home would be the only one without a formal dining room, it might not make sense to remove yours. In fact, it might hurt the chances of a quick sale because buyers looking in the area expect it. If the homes are a mix with and without a formal dining room, do what suits your needs best.

Consider How You Entertain

This should be a big factor in your decision. Causal entertaining typically focuses around the kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen with a large island with plenty of seating or adding a comfortable eating area in the kitchen makes good sense for casual entertainers. However, if you like nice sit down meals without distractions or hate seeing the messy kitchen while eating, you probably want to keep your formal dining room. Removing walls and reconfiguring the space into something more useful for you is the primary goal of a whole home remodel.

Think About the Last Time You Used Your Dining Room

For some homeowners this is what really matters. If the only time they use the dining room is during the holidays, it doesn’t make much sense if you’re tight on space in your kitchen. There are ways to create a separate dining space without a separate room. One way is to choose a furniture style island and put it between the eating area and dining space. If you need storage in the dining room, that side of the island can include drawers and cabinets for table linens and other storage.

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