A bathroom remodel in South Tampa on your primary residence will look very different than a bathroom remodeling project in Clearwater on a rental property. However, there are times in both instances where you should plan on splurging and other times when it’s perfectly okay to choose a less expensive option.

Always Splurge on Your Vanity

A cheap vanity will not last. A good vanity will stand up to the moisture in the bathroom and look great for years. The difference in cheap vanities and more expensive ones is not only in the finish, but also in the construction. Cheap vanities are made of pressboard and often have only a thin layer of wood applied on top of the cabinets and drawers. With the bathroom moisture, that can quickly peel up from the pressboard. Choose a quality bathroom cabinet manufacturer for your bathroom vanity like Echelon, Holliday or Wellborn to name a few.

Floor and Wall Tile are a Place to Save

If you find yourself a bit over your budget when bathroom remodeling in Clearwater, look at your tile. Keep in mind that you can find quality tile in many price points. Also talk to your remodeling company about the installation pattern you’ve chosen. Sometimes simply changing the installation pattern or the size of the tile can reduce your spend.

Save or Splurge

There are many other elements you’re likely replacing in your bathroom remodel in South Tampa. These elements can be a great place to save if you’re a bit over your budget or an okay place to splurge if you find something you really love.

  • Faucets – Really cheap faucets aren’t worth buying. However, quality faucets in specialty finishes can put you over your budget quickly.
  • Lighting – If you’re within your budget and find a fixture you love, go ahead and splurge. You’re likely going to keep that fixture until you remodel again. However, if you’re over, lighting offers many quality options across all price points.
  • Countertops – You can find something that you love in a material that suits your lifestyle in all price points. Save or splurge as long as you love it.

If you find yourself over budget, ask your remodeling company where they recommend you look to save money without sacrificing quality.

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