Everyone knows that a home remodeling project is disruptive to day to day life. However, there are some things that seem to surprise homeowners during the remodel and after the job is complete. If you’re planning any type of home remodel, as a local home remodeling company, here are a few things we want you to know before we start.

Some Days are Loud

Your home remodeling company should give you an approximate timeline of when they’ll be doing each part of the job. This can help you plan for loud days when you might want to have your pets at a friends or doggie day care or find something to do with your children outside of the home. A good neighbor may also want to inform those around them about the possible noise if work is going on in the driveway.

Schedules Change

We mentioned a timeline above and realistically, it isn’t always exact, especially when dealing with electricians, plumbers and inspectors. Know that although your home remodeling company will do everything they can to stay on track, there may be unavoidable delays.

Expect the Unexpected

Not only do schedules sometimes change, but sometimes we find things we weren’t expecting. This is especially common when dealing with older homes. Sometimes wiring isn’t up to code. Other times a manufacturer suddenly discontinues a material or model you selected which can cause a delay or change to your budget.

Remodeling is Dirty

Although we’ll clean up each day, there will be dust, and lots of it. Even after the end of the remodeling project, you’ll likely find plenty of dust around. One way to reduce it is to change your HVAC filers immediately after the end of the project and then about a month after to remove the trapped dust from the system. If you do a whole home remodel, you may want to schedule a duct cleaning about a month after completion.

The Punch List

Perhaps the most unexpected element of any home remodeling job is the punch list that exists. We would love to finish a job and leave knowing it’s exactly as you wanted and expected. However, rarely does any home remodeling company leave a job without a punch list. Sometimes the open items are small and simple like one missing cabinet knob. Other times the punch list is larger including repair to imperfections in the drywall or a cracked tile that needs replacing. Whatever yours, a reputable remodeler not only take care of the punch list promptly but also provide a workmanship warranty so if you notice anything in the near future, they’ll make those repairs or adjustments too.

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