There are three broad categories of virtually any home remodel. Bathroom remodeling is no different. As you begin looking into your bathroom remodel and deciding on what you want to do, you’ll quickly realize that the extent of the remodel will quickly impact the budget.

Surface Remodel

A lot of homeowners tackle a surface remodel themselves. In a bathroom it includes changing out faucets and fixtures, fresh paint and adding new décor. This surface remodel isn’t so much a remodel as it is a refresh to the space. These are the least expensive and can cost anywhere from $300 – $1000 depending on the size of the space and the elements you replace.

Minor Remodel

A minor bathroom remodel includes many more new elements. In addition to new paint, fixtures and faucets, it may also include replacing:

  • The tub or conversion of a tub to a shower (and standing shower to a tub/shower combo)
  • Tile in the tub or shower area
  • Vanity
  • Countertop
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Flooring

Not all minor remodels include all of these elements, but at the very least bathroom remodeling does include most of these.

Complete Remodel

A complete bathroom remodel includes not only replacing everything in the bathroom, but also redesigning it. If the space doesn’t work for you or you are taking space from an adjoining room, you are undergoing a complete bathroom remodel. Few, if any, homeowners undertake a complete remodel themselves. Because complete remodels often include moving plumbing and electrical, they then require a permit.

Most universal design bathrooms (those that are intended for people with mobility challenges) are complete remodels. You may even need the assistance of an architect to ensure that the doorway you’re moving or widening isn’t on a load bearing wall. These are the costliest of all remodels with the exception of when an addition is involved.

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