Last week we covered kitchen remodeling ROI and knew that you may be wondering about the other common remodeling project, bathroom remodeling. Much like the kitchen remodel, bathroom remodeling doesn’t return the full investment, however, it has benefits beyond its return. Let’s first delve into the classifications of remodels, costs and return on that investment.

Classification of Remodels

The 2020 Remodeling Cost Vs. Value report ( classifies bathroom remodels into three types; midrange, upscale and universal design. A midrange remodel is simple with no change to the floor plan or expansion of the modest 5X7 space. It includes new tub, toilet, and sink. The floor is tile and the tub surround is also tile. The countertop is a solid surface material with an integrated sink. You’ll spend about $20,000 and give you just more than a 64% return.

As for the upscale remodel, it includes not only remodeling a standard bathroom but also expanding upon it. Upscale bathrooms have a separate shower with a recessed caddy and body spray features and frameless glass enclosure. The freestanding soaker tub has high end faucets. It also includes a separate toilet area. The custom cabinet vanity has dual undermount sinks with natural stone countertops. Lastly, it will have new flooring with electric in-floor heating. You’ll spend about $64,000 and see a return of just over 59%

The other classification is the universal design remodel. This type of remodel is geared to make the space more accessible to mobility challenged individuals. The key is that the space works for someone in a wheelchair or with balance issues. Some elements to include are:

  • 36” wide doorway
  • Walk-in shower with adjustable height showerhead
  • Shower seat
  • Comfort height toilet with bidet seat
  • Vinyl tile non-slip flooring
  • Nine or more grab-bar towels bars

You’ll spend close to $33,000 on this type of remodel but it also has a good ROI at 63%.

Benefits Other than Return

The benefits of the universal design come when you have a family member with limited mobility. You give them the ability to bathe on their own which can decrease the negative feelings associated with the loss of mobility. Other benefits include reduced water usage with low-flow toilets and lower electric bills due to new energy efficient lighting. New vanities often have better organization which may help with storage issues. Of course, like any other remodel, you’ll enjoy the space more.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, let Jamco Unlimited help. We like to call ourselves the bathroom magicians because we can take a dated bathroom and turn it into a modern space with the style you want. Call us at (727) 412-8524 and schedule your no obligation consultation today.