One of the latest kitchen remodeling trends is the waterfall countertop. Simply put, instead of having the counter end on a horizontal surface, it continues over the edge of the cabinet vertically like a waterfall to the floor. They are a great addition to contemporary and transitional kitchens as they add a modern element, although they work in just about any style.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re going to spend the money on extra stone for this look, you want it seen. One of the most visible elements in most new kitchens is the island. Even though most kitchen islands only have one side facing out, you would want the waterfall to extend over both sides. This gives the island a balanced look from the side.

It’s perfectly acceptable for the waterfall countertop to go anywhere you want it. It works on the end of a row of cabinets and peninsulas. Because it’s a decorative element with no function, if you want one somewhere, let your kitchen remodeling company know and they’ll work with you during the design.


Once you’ve decided where you want it, you’ll need to make a few decisions about your overall countertop design and how you’re incorporating the waterfall feature. Choosing two different countertops (one for the island and one for the rest of the kitchen) is a popular design trend and even more so when a waterfall countertop is incorporated. This adds to the “wow factor” of your waterfall countertop.

The other big decision you’ll need to make is the slab thickness. Not all granite suppliers have multiple thicknesses but one of the ways to add drama is to choose a 3” or thicker slab for the waterfall countertop. You can choose just to increase the thickness of the area with the waterfall countertop or throughout your kitchen.

If your local building code requires an outlet, talk to your kitchen remodeling company about options. Some solutions include hiding outlets behind false drawer fronts and popup outlets in the counter itself. Putting it in the waterfall area will ruin the look you’re going for so be sure to discuss this before getting too far in the design.


Adding a waterfall countertop can impact your budget. Depending on the granite you choose, the thickness and areas with the waterfall, your countertops may begin to rival your cabinets as the biggest percentage of your budget. One thing to consider is using the remnant pieces as the backsplash rather than tile. This may help avoid the cost of a tile installer and the supplies.

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