People often think that there are no ways to incorporate their own style or personality in a bathroom remodel. Afterall, it contains several necessary things and little décor. However, if you’re looking to create a space that’s different, consider some of these ideas for your new bathroom.

Floating Elements

Floating vanities have been around a while now. It gives a space a modern look and, as a bonus, makes cleaning the floor easy. However, you can also have a floating toilet. If it’s a small space where you won’t be including a vanity, a floating sink in an option as well.

The Wet Area

Some bathrooms today have what we refer to as a wet area. These shower and tub combinations are not what you’re use to. Instead of standing in the tub to shower, a freestanding tub sits in your shower area. It’s a great option for families with young kids who don’t want to worry about cleaning a wet floor or wiping down painted walls from splashes!

Built-in Shelving

Although there are many things that we may want to keep hidden in a bathroom, one fun way to make a bathroom remodel more personalized is through built-in shelving. This can be added just about anywhere but it most often around the tub. Add some lights and you can turn it into a feature wall.

Tiled Walls

Most showers today have tile walls, however, tiling a wall outside the shower isn’t as common. You can choose a complimentary tile to the floors or use the same tile. If you like the idea of wall paper for a pattern but can’t imagine installing it, choose a fun patterned tile and either mix it with the floor tiles on your walls or use it alone. Tile gives you virtually infinite options.

Trust the Bathroom Magicians

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