If you’re working from home like so many of us, you may be missing your coffee. You may have had a stop along your route, a vendor in your office building or just had a great selection of coffees at your office. As more of us work from home permanently, we’re making changes in our homes. Some are extensive like remodeling to add a home office. As a local kitchen remodeling company, we’ve also had calls from homeowners ready to move forward with a kitchen remodel because they’re working from home and can be there for the contractors. For those who are remodeling their kitchen, there’s no hotter trend than the home coffee bar.

What is It?

A home coffee bar can be anything from a space for your coffee maker and coffee to a custom space that holds everything you need for that perfect cup of coffee. It can include a water line, mini-fridge or both. Basically, it’s a space you and your kitchen remodeling company design based on your coffee equipment, preferences and budget.

Ideas for Your Home Coffee Bar

If you think that a coffee bar in your home is exactly what you want as part of your kitchen remodel, look at the coffee equipment you have now or what you want. Get a good idea of their size and power requirements. Also find out if you’ll need a water line.

One great way for everything to have its place is to put your cups in a drawer. That means you’ll need to know the height of your tallest mug. If you use sugar or powdered creamer, you may want a place to hold both items off the counter. Be sure to talk to your kitchen remodeling company about your accessories too!

Create What You Want

If a home coffee bar isn’t what you need or want in your kitchen remodel, talk to us about your dream kitchen. We’ve been a leading kitchen remodeling company in the Tampa Bay area for decades and have created countless solutions for homeowners. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. We can meet in person at your home or our showroom or via video.