As an experienced remodeling company, we’ve heard every reason to remodel over the years. And, we love hearing everyone’s reasons. However, in a recent conversation we realized that almost every homeowner has one of these three reasons somewhere on their list of why they’re remodeling. We thought you might like to see which one (or ones) you can group yourself into.

#1 – It’s Dated

Because we remodel more kitchens and bathrooms than anything else, this one is at the top of our list. Unlike a bedroom or living room where some fresh paint, new window treatments and perhaps even updated furniture can really change the look of a room, a bathroom or kitchen remodel needs more. Things like backsplashes, cabinets styles and especially countertops really date a kitchen. In the bathroom, colored sinks and tubs and lack of tile make it feel dated. When you work with a remodeling company, they can help you find the style that suits you and feels modern and fresh.

#2 – The Space Isn’t Right

This covers a lot of our remodels, many homeowners want the open floor plan and need a wall removed. Others have a growing or changing family and need a bigger kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes the builder did a poor job of planning the kitchen workspace and all the homeowner wants is a kitchen with usable counterspace and a good work triangle. Most often space issues come with kitchen remodeling. You’ll want an experienced remodeling company to overcome space challenges, especially on a budget.

#3 – Safety

Whether you’re remodeling to allow you to age in place or simply know that the electric isn’t up to today’s code, safety is a valid reason to remodel. Although this can include all areas of the home, it’s often a bathroom remodel that we tackle when safety is a priority. Adding grab bars, zero entry showers with seating and comfort height toilets can help you or a loved one remain in your home longer. On the other hand, if you have an older bungalow in St. Petersburg, updating your home’s electric during a kitchen or bathroom remodel is a big safety upgrade.

Whatever your reasons for a home remodel, call Jamco Unlimited. We’re your local remodeling company who will give you a modern kitchen, bathroom or home that’s safe and works for your family. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form.