There was a time when the only choice you had to make for your toilet was the color. Today, the options go far beyond the color and include the style, height, features and how it flushes. If you’ve not thought much about your toilet, before you get too far in your bathroom remodel, here are some of the options you’ll need to consider.

Bowl Style

The two options are rounded and elongated bowl. Most people find the elongated bowl is a more comfortable seat but when space is an issue, you might want a rounded bowl. An elongated bowl needs about 21” whereas a round bowl may only require about 17.5” although these dimensions may vary by manufacturer.


A standard toilet is 15”. Comfort height toilets range from 17 – 19” and are great for taller people or those with disabilities because it’s easier to stand from the greater height. If your bathroom remodel is in a kid’s bathroom, you might want to utilize the standard height for them.

Floor or Wall Mount

You may have noticed that toilets in many new public restrooms are wall mounted. This option is also available for your home. The benefit is that it’s much easier to clean around a wall mount toilet. If you’re going for a modern design in your bathroom remodel, a wall mount will give you that look.


For the ecologically minded homeowner (or someone looking to save on their water bill), choose a low-flush toilet. They use about 1/3 less water and today’s models do as good a job as a standard flush toilet. If you want to save even more, consider toilets that have a dual flush option – one for just liquid and one for solid waste.

The Washlet

Some homeowners are embracing the European bidet feature now available on some toilets often called a washlet. Not only can it help people with mobility issues but it may have a heated seat. Many people appreciate the many personal hygiene benefits as well. Keep in mind you’ll need hot water and an outlet nearby to utilize any of these features.

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