If you want a new kitchen because yours just doesn’t work for your family but you don’t have the budget (or space) for an addition, consider these ideas for your kitchen remodel. Sometimes utilizing your existing space more efficiently adds just what you need. Here are some ideas that may help you get started planning your kitchen remodel.

Cooking Needs

If you’ve always dreamed of a double oven but can’t imagine taking away all the cabinet space required, consider one of these two options. Some manufacturers offer a single unit that is both a convection oven and a microwave. Instead of planning space for that second oven and a microwave, you now need just one space.

Another option is to choose between a stove with an oven beneath (because cooktops often utilize much of the space below limiting useful cabinet space) and a single wall oven. Ask your remodeler about this as an option for your cooking needs.

Pull Out Shelving & Custom Drawers

Think about the space you have, is it that you don’t have enough or the space you have isn’t accessible. Stock cabinets (and even many custom ones from ten and twenty years ago) didn’t have pull out shelving or drawers with built-in storage. If you have specific needs, talk to your remodeler. They likely work with many custom and semi-custom cabinet companies who offer pull out shelving and custom drawers for better storage which means you’re utilizing your existing space better.

Build Up

Look at your current cabinets and the ceiling height. Do you have space on top of your cabinets that just collects dust? Consider cabinets that go to your ceiling. Even if you can’t reach them without a step-stool, that might be the perfect option for those items you want in your kitchen but don’t need very often. Many homes have a foot or more above their existing cabinets that you can turn into storage.

One of the best ways to love your new kitchen is to work with an experienced remodeling company. Jamco Unlimited are kitchen magicians and can help you with all aspects of your kitchen remodel so that you not only love the look of your new space, but also love the improved functionality. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 for your free initial consultation.