Depending on what type of home remodel you’re undergoing, you’ll have different things you’ll need to do. However, whether you’re doing your whole home, a small bathroom remodel or gutting your kitchen, there are some things you should do before beginning the project. Choosing a qualified and quality remodeling contractor should go without saying but what else do you need to do?


Plan, then check your plans and go over them again. You’ll find that most remodeling companies charge for changes you make during the process. That’s because they may need additional materials or because you’ve added time to the job with your change. The better you plan before you get started, the less likely you’ll need to make a change which will cost you more money. Part of planning is researching your options. In a kitchen remodel this might refer to the different cabinet lines offered by your remodeler or the type of countertop you want.

Have Realistic Expectations

Unless you’re planning an addition as part of your home remodel, you need to have realistic expectations of the space upon completion. Just because you’re getting new cabinets that are taller than your old ones and have better organized space doesn’t mean your kitchen will feel bigger, it just means that you’ll have better storage.


Asking questions and questioning answers shouldn’t bother your remodeling contractor. They want you to love your new space as much as you want to. When you ask questions about brands, styles, colors or just clarifying something in a quote or drawing, you may find that what you thought you were getting and what the contractor thought you wanted are very different. It’s much easier to make changes and corrected mistakes early on. Keep communicate throughout the process for a successful home remodel.

Be Prepared

Your remodeling contractor needs your help before and during the remodel. When they give you a start date, make sure your cabinets are emptied if they’re demoing your kitchen. If you’re having a bathroom remodel, clear everything out before they arrive. They’ve likely laid out a timeline so you have warning about when power will be out, water will be off, or how long you’ll be without a stove. You should be prepared for those dates and have alternate arrangements for cooking and facilities.

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