Tile will be a big part of your bathroom remodel. Most homeowners choose a tile for their floors and shower wall. If there is a separate shower, you’ll also need shower floor tile. How you choose to lay the tile can dramatically change the look of the space. Not sure what you want to do with your tile? Here are some things to know.

Tile Selection Influences How it is Laid

There are three main categories of tile shapes; square, rectangle and irregular. Within these categories there are many options.

  • Square – Depending on the tile itself, you may want to lay it in a traditional manner or on an angle, known as diagonal. Another option to consider with square tile is choosing multiple color tiles within the same line. These both create visual interest and can change the appearance of the room.
  • Rectangle – Rectangular tiles come in many configurations. For example, plank style tiles that emulate wood flooring are rectangles but so are subway tiles. So, there are many options for laying them depending on the tiles ratio and the look you’re going for.
  • Irregular – There are rhombus, octagon, pentagon and many other irregularly shaped tiles that can really create a dramatic look in your bathroom remodel. There aren’t as many options for laying them as with other shapes, but some they can be combined with other shapes for a bold look.

Shape and Size of the Space

No matter how large or small the space, you can lay the tile however you want. However, ask your remodeler for their recommendations based on the tile you choose and the space itself. They may have some ideas of how to make the space seem larger or how to further emphasize the style you’re going for.

Intricate Patterns Increase Installation Time & Cost

Laying a square tile diagonally increases the amount of tile you’ll need and slightly increases the installation time. Irregular shaped tiles that don’t come in a sheet are the most time consuming. Large format tiles of any shape also increase your installation cost. One common choice, especially in bathroom remodels, is a herringbone pattern. Depending on the size of your tile, this can also increase the installation cost.

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