remodeling mistakes to avoidNo matter what part of your home you’re planning to remodel and if you’re doing it yourself or with a remodeling company, you want to love the results. You should plan for hiccups along the way as they do happen. When interviewing remodeling companies ask how they handle potential issues and listen to any concerns they have before you sign the contract. Here are three big remodeling mistakes many homeowners make.

Failure to Budget Properly

Most homeowners set a budget and plan on spending all of it. That’s a mistake. We’ve all seen the remodeling shows where a wall ends up having plumbing in it that needs to be moved or the house electrical can’t support that new oven. Homeowners end up cutting something they want or finding more money they didn’t want to spend. A good rule of thumb is to set your budget and spend 80% of it up front. That way when the unexpected happens, you’ll have some funds available to overcome whatever issue your remodeling company uncovers.

Lack of a Detailed Plan

You want a remodeling company who plans each step of the project and presents you with their expected timeline. With a plan, you can hold your remodeler accountable if they fall behind. It also allows you to make alternate arrangements when you know power or water will be off for a day or how long you’ll need to plan to eat out if you’re remodeling your kitchen.

Unlicensed or Uninsured Contractor

Jut because someone says they’re insured or licensed, doesn’t mean they are. Before you sign a contract, check your remodeling company’s credentials. Look them up in the state database. If you can’t find them, don’t hire them. In some cases, an unlicensed contractor can’t get permits. Also call their insurance company and check on their insurance. Anyone can get a certificate and cancel their policy.

If you need a remodeling company who works within your budget, has a written plan for every job, and is licensed and insured, call Jamco Unlimited. We will come to your home, discuss your remodeling ideas and work with you on a plan all at no charge. Fill out our contact form or call (727) 412-8524 today to schedule your appointment.