.If you’re kitchen remodeling plans includes opening up your floor plan, you need to consider a few things before you actually remove your walls. Luckily a good kitchen remodeling company will go over the biggest ones with you before any work begins. Think about these three things before you even get started with a remodeler.

1.      You May Need to Replace All Your Flooring

Depending on the layout of your home and the existing flooring material, you may need to replace all the flooring in the area you’re remodeling. If you really want the look and feel of an open floor plan, you want the flooring to flow between rooms. New flooring throughout an open floor plan can be quite expensive depending on the type of flooring you choose.

2.      Structural and Electrical Concerns

The more walls you remove the greater the impact to your home’s structure. If you have an older home built on a crawl space, you may find that you need to reinforce your foundation. If you’re on a slab and the wall you want to remove is load bearing, you’ll need to find a solution. It may greatly impact you budget.

Depending on the way your home’s electric is was laid out will determine the amount of electrical work needed when you remove a wall or two. If your home is older, your electrician may tell you that your current wiring isn’t up to code. Again, your budget may be impacted because of the amount of electrical work required. For safety reasons, you shouldn’t neglect your home’s electrical updates.

3.      Storage

Removing walls, especially from the kitchen, often means fewer upper cabinets. It may also mean removing a closet. If you’re already struggling with storage, talk to your kitchen remodeling company. They will work on ideas about how to compensate for losing those upper cabinets. There are ways to keep a space open and add storage. Just talk to your remodeler about your concerns.

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