Kitchens have changed over the past decade. There are three reasons; change in styles, changes in options, and changes in how we live. We know that no homeowner wants to realize they left a feature out of their new kitchen so we’ve put together some things you should consider before you finalize your kitchen remodeling plans.


We know that everyone has different needs in their kitchens. What might be a must have for you isn’t necessarily a must have for everyone. However, homeowners who love their new kitchen have many of the same needs. They include:

  • Ample lighting – Lighting is a big complaint among homeowners with a dated kitchen and one florescent tube light in the middle of the room. Consider can lighting with pendant lighting over the eating area.
  • Good counterspace – There is a difference between enough counterspace and good counterspace. When possible, you want at least one good work area of at three to four feet that’s uninterrupted when kitchen remodeling.
  • Sufficient outlets – Generally, the older the kitchen, the fewer outlets. With the advent of so many countertop appliances, cell phones and smart devices, you’ll likely want more outlets than you currently have.


It’s impractical to think that we can list every want every homeowner we’ve ever helped with a new kitchen ever had. However, we have a list of many things homeowners ask for and, when the budget allows, include when kitchen remodeling. They are:

  • Better or larger appliances – This may include an oversized refrigerator, double oven and large cooktop or just smart appliances that make for less work.
  • Organized or more storage – For some this is a pantry, for others it’s cabinet drawers with built-in organizers.
  • Plentiful seating – Either countertop or a table in the kitchen
  • Pet area – Pets always seem to be underfoot while we’re cooking. You may want to incorporate a place for their kennel, bed or food and water dishes in your new kitchen.

No matter what your needs or wants are for your new kitchen, Jamco Unlimited is the kitchen remodeling company to call. We’ll design and build a kitchen that works for you. We’d love to meet with you in your home, our showroom or virtually for a free consultation. Call (727) 412-8524 to schedule yours today or fill out our contact form.