If your bathroom remodeling plans include a separate shower and tub, you’ll have to choose the style tub you want. One of the most popular trends today is to include a freestanding tub in your bathroom remodel. Freestanding tubs aren’t built into the corner or wall. There are many styles including those that look like old claw-foot tubs you may remember from a grandparent’s home. Like almost every other option in a new space, there are pros and cons.

Why People Love Freestanding Tubs

If you watch bathroom remodeling on any home improvement show, if there’s a tub, chances are good it’s freestanding. This trend has really taken off over the past three to five years. They are popular for several great reasons:

  • They come in many color – Although the most common color is white, you can find the in black, grey, blue, ivory and countless other colors.
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes – A standard tub is about five feet long and rectangle. Freestanding tubs come in countless dimensions mostly oval or rectangular but they exterior style can make a statement.
  • Elevated or floor mount – Claw foot tubs are the most common elevated style; however, most freestanding tubs sit on the floor.
  • You can put it wherever you want – Because they don’t rely on two or three sides being enclosed, you can put it just about anywhere you want which can dramatically change the layout of your bathroom remodel.

Why You May Not Want a Freestanding Tub

If your bathroom remodel is on a tight budget, you may want to stick with a traditional built-in style tub. Freestanding tubs are more expensive both to purchase and install. Another reason some homeowners regret their decision is when they get a and elevated tub and realize they have tile to clean under the tub as well which isn’t always easy. You’ll also need a bit more for your tile budget because you’ll need to plan on tiling all around it down to the floor. Lastly, they’re a bit heavier than a traditional style tub which may mean you need to reinforce your floor before installation.

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