There’s no perfect countertop material. However, there are options that may be better for your home or lifestyle than others. If you’re unsure as to which countertop material is best for your bath or kitchen remodel, here are the pros and cons of the most popular materials.

Granite Pros

  • Available in many colors and patterns
  • Many affordable options
  • Heat resistant
  • Good resale

Granite Cons

  • Requires regular resealing
  • Can be expensive if you choose an imported slab
  • Some find the veining too busy for their taste

Quartz Pros & Cons

Like granite, it has great resale. It also requires less maintenance than granite. If you’re looking for a more consistent pattern and color throughout your countertops, quartz is one of your best options. Although it’s popular in many bathrooms and kitchens, one drawback is that it’s not heat resistant. Setting a pan out of the oven or even a curling wand directly on quartz can lead to damage.


Because black and white kitchens and grey cabinets continue to be a trend, marble continues to be an option to consider. However, marble stains easily. That means you’ll only want to choose marble if you’re a meticulous cleaner. Another drawback of marble is that it’s a bit more expensive than most granite and quartz. Like all natural stone in a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you won’t have an issue with resale with marble.

Butcher Block

Because natural wood is trend worth noting for your kitchen remodel, you may want to consider butcher block countertop for part of your kitchen. Admittedly, this countertop comes with the least advantages. It looks great and is heat resistant. However, it requires care and maintenance. You shouldn’t cut directly on it and you will likely need to reseal it regularly to keep bacteria out.

Corian, Cultured Marble and Other Solid Surface Countertops

Unless you’re remodeling a rental property, solid surface countertops aren’t a popular option. Likely because, depending on the material it may have one or many of these drawbacks:

  • You’re restricted to non-scouring cleaning products because it scratches easily
  • It’s not heat resistant so no hot pots can be set on it
  • Low resale value
  • You’ll have to reseal it
  • Some types stain easily even with regular sealing and cleaning

On the other hand, cultured marble, Corian and other solid surface countertops are more affordable than many of their counterparts. If you need a custom size and shape, you can get it with a solid surface product.

Laminate AKA Formica

Formica is a brand name for laminate countertops. Rarely do we install laminate in a kitchen or bathroom remodel today. Although it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t have great resale value. It requires little maintenance, but it also scratches and can be damaged by heat easily.

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