It’s rare when a homeowner discussing their ideal kitchen remodeling results doesn’t ask for more storage. The same is often true for other home remodeling projects. We have so much stuff and so few places to put it that we often feel like we need more space when, in actuality, we might just need better space. Here are a few ways we’ve help homeowners with the space issues by providing better storage.

The Kitchen

Don’t assume that just because your main reason for kitchen remodeling is that you’re tired of going to the garage or spare bedroom closet for your countertop appliances that you need more space. You may just need better space. As you speak with your remodeling company and plan your new space, share with them any larger countertop appliances that you want space for. That can help the designer plan the right type of space. A big part of kitchen remodeling is creating the right space for each homeowner’s needs and choosing the right cabinet line. When you do, you’ll feel like you have more space without actually adding onto your home or kitchen.


Most homes have a linen closet in the bathroom. Anytime a builder adds a closet, they have to add a wall. Walls are about 4” thick. If your linen closet has a wall on each side, you could be missing out on almost 8” of space. Consider adding a cabinet with pull out shelving. The pull-out shelves will allow you to use all the space more conveniently. A pull-out shelf beneath the sink can also add storage to an area that you may not currently be able to use. Sometimes you can rearrange the elements in the bathroom for more space. Your designer will be able to provide you with solutions to your bathroom storage needs.

Bedrooms, Hallways & Offices

Have you ever looked up in a closet and seen a shelf that’s too weak to support much or where there’s not quite enough ceiling height to make storage feasible? Reconfiguring closets with a custom-built storage system can make you feel like you have more space. What you’ll really have is the right space. This is also true for hallways and offices. Sometimes adding a wall feature with book shelves low and enclosed storage higher up is the perfect solution to your storage needs.

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