There was a time when your choices for a bathroom sink were only about color. Now, with the popularity of natural stone countertops, you have many more options to consider. Understanding the different sink options can help you choose the right one. Here are some descriptions of different sinks you may want for your bathroom remodel.

Floating Sink

Just as it sounds, a floating sink is one that attaches to the wall rather than sitting in a vanity cabinet. It’s a great option for secondary bathrooms or a bathroom remodel that has a minimalistic style. One warning is that you’ll lose storage without the vanity and there’s only a little counter space around the sink itself.

Drop-In Sink

These sinks drop into the countertop and were common with laminate countertops and are also known as self rimming sinks. They’ve decreased in popularity with granite and other natural stone countertops, but are still an option. The downside is having to maintain the caulk around the outside.

Undermount Sink

Perhaps the most popular sink today, it mounts from beneath a natural stone countertop. You can choose many depths, sizes and shapes which is part of its appeal. The faucet mounts to the countertop or wall so you can customize the look.

Vessel Sink

Growing in popularity, this bathroom sink style is the most varied in both styles and finishes. They sit like a bowl on top of your countertop. One downside is the height. A vessel sink may add 8 – 12” in height and you’ll want to adjust your vanity height accordingly. You will also need a different faucet that either mounts to the wall or has a high neck to reach over the edge if your vessel sink doesn’t include a place for the faucet.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are great for a secondary bath or a small bathroom with limited space. Like a floating sink, it lacks a cabinet and has very little space around it to set soap and other necessities on.

Integrated Countertop and Sink

Often used in rental homes and secondary bathrooms, an integrated countertop sink is one manufactured to fit your size needs. It’s also known as a cultured marble sink as it’s often made from cultured marble.

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