Kitchen remodeling can transform the look, feel and function of your home, but only if you do it right. Starting with an experienced kitchen remodeling company is key. However, there are lots of things you should know about remodeling your kitchen whether you’re doing it yourself or working with a remodeler.

Things to Do for a Successful Remodel

As we said, working with an experienced and proven kitchen remodeling company is top on the list. Once you’ve chosen yours, here are some things to make sure you do with them so that you love the end result.

  • Plan Everything – Start with your budget and then a layout. An experienced kitchen remodeling company can give you a timeline based on the amount of work.
  • Get it in Writing & Double Check it – One of the biggest issues happens when there is miscommunication. It might be something as minor as the cabinet knobs or as significant as the cabinet finish. Make sure everything is in writing and confirm it against your notes.
  • Know What Doesn’t Work in Your Current Kitchen – When you go in knowing what’s missing in your current kitchen, you can avoid that problem in your new space. Maybe it’s the layout. Or perhaps it’s not enough storage. Know the issues you have and communicate them to your kitchen remodeling company.


We know that no one likes being told what to do or not to do as remodeling is a very personal choice, however, these are a few mistakes that will leave you with a kitchen you don’t love. Here are some common mistakes you want to avoid.

  • Blow Your Budget on One Item – It can be tempting to use a significant portion of your budget on one item you fall in love with, but you’ll end up disappointed in the end result when you don’t have enough to get some of the things you wish you had.
  • Follow All the Trends – There are many trends in kitchen remodeling and it’s tempting to get the Edison bulbs, colored appliances and waterfall countertop, but ask yourself if all these things work in the style you’re going for. Likely not all together.
  • Miss place Your Appliances – A refrigerator against the wall can’t be opened all the way. A stove and cooktop without enough counterspace around it leave little prep space. Make sure you think about appliance placement and what you need to use it efficiently.

This doesn’t really fall into the do or don’t category but it’s something to keep in mind – expect the unexpected. When you do, there’s less stress and aggravation. We get it, no one wants to come across bad wiring or plumbing issues, but it happens. You need to have wiggle room in your timeline and budget for the unexpected.

Jamco Unlimited is an experienced kitchen remodeling company. We plan everything with you and provide all the details in writing. Your satisfaction is our goal. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodeler, call us at (727) 412-8524 for a free consultation.