Built-in shelving, drawers and cabinets can change the look and feel of a room. You may also find that they help you get organized or help you hide things that you need access to but don’t necessarily have a place for. They can be used to divide rooms and make previously wasted space useful. If you’re in the midst of planning a room remodel or even whole home remodel, consider how a built-in can improve the appearance and functionality of the space. Here are some different built-in ideas you should consider.

Great Room

If you’re planning a whole home remodel where you’re opening up the space, adding built ins around a fireplace or on an end wall can add another dimension to the room. With today’s televisions often mounted to the wall, we need a place for our accessories. Building a cabinet into the wall is a great way to provide space for a dvd player and dvr. Add screen to the front of the cabinet and your remote will work right through it. Shelving above can provide a place for décor to show off your personal taste. It can also hold books, picture frames and just about anything else you have.


Perhaps the most popular built-in these days is with the addition or remodel of a master suite. One of the more popular trends in the master bedroom is have few, if any, dressers in the bedroom. That means you need your storage space in the closet. Having built-in shelving and drawers solves the need to have a dresser in the bedroom itself. Many homeowners also find that custom shelving that’s made for their needs also provides better storage even when they want to keep their current bedroom set including the dressers.

Dining Room/Butler Pantry

If you’re not interested in a buffet in your dining room, consider adding a butler pantry during your whole home remodel. A butler pantry gives you the same type of storage, often with more than you would have had with just a buffet. Many homeowners choose the same cabinets as their kitchen when adding a butler pantry, however, if you choose a custom built-in for your dining room, you can customize it for the amount of storage you need and to perfectly display those special pieces.


Whether you have a wide hallway upstairs and want to turn it into a reading nook with shelves for books or add a craft area for your kids or your hobby, turning unused space into useful space is most easily done with a custom designed built-in. And one of the most popular hallway additions is the locker. A locker often includes cubbies on top for googles, sports accessories and hats, a bench, hooks for backpacks and jackets and more cubbies on the bottom for shoe storage. If you’re looking to get your hallway organized, consider a locker.

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