We know that one of the biggest complaints for homeowners about their kitchen is the size. That’s often followed by the complaint about the lack of storage or usable space. When you involve a kitchen remodeling company in your small kitchen remodel, you will quickly realize that turning dead space into usable space makes a huge difference.

Consider Upgraded Cabinets

Stock cabinets only come in certain sizes. That means you end up with dead space that could have had cabinet or drawer space if you’d only chosen semi-custom or custom cabinetry. That’s not the only benefits of upgraded cabinets. They also include:

  • Full extension drawer slides so you can see and use the entire drawer space.
  • Options for drawer organizers, so everything has a place.
  • Cabinet shelves that slide out to better utilize the entire cabinet area.
  • Deeper upper cabinets for additional storage.
  • Taller cabinet options so yours go from floor to ceiling.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Pots, Pans & Utensils

Although cabinet space may be at a premium, you may not be utilizing all your storage space. Consider a magnetic backsplash and attach your knives directly to the backsplash which eliminates the need for drawer storage. If you don’t want your knives in easy reach, look at hanging hooks from the backsplash and for your cooking implements. Another small kitchen remodel trick is to hang the pots and pans above the cooktop.

Prep Space Ideas

If one of the solutions you’re looking for with your kitchen remodeling company is more counter or prep space, there are a few options that may work. One of the most popular is the movable island. Not only does it provide for more countertop space, but also additional storage. You can place it where you need it while cooking or prepping meals and then store it out of the way when you don’t need it. Another solution is the hidden countertop. This is a shelf that either pulls out from just underneath the countertop or one that folds up from the side of a cabinet. Either can give you just a touch more space than you may currently have in your kitchen.

Call the Kitchen Magicians

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