bathroom remodel fixtures and faucetsMost people focus on the design, tile, and vanity in a bathroom remodel and put little thought into the small details. These details like your faucet, cabinet knobs, lighting, and towel bars should coordinate with each other and compliment the overall style of the room. Don’t overlook the importance of the small details in your bathroom.

Where to Start

Most people generally start by choosing a finish for their accessories. The main finishes are brushed nickel, chrome, brass, or bronze. Once you decide which option you prefer, you can begin choosing from available items. From there, it’s a matter of choosing what’s most important to you.


For some homeowners, the light fixtures are the next element to select. You’ll want to take note of each area you’re lighting. This may include over one or more vanities and in a water closet. Make sure the line you’re selecting has the options you need to coordinate the entire space.


When selecting your faucet, you’ll need to know if you’re mounting it from the wall or in the vanity. Then talk to your bathroom remodeling company about the best faucet height for your sink. If you have a vessel sink, you might want a faucet that is wall mounted or one with a higher clearance. Again, you’ll want to keep in mind if you need faucets for tub and sinks and separate shower and if those are all available in the line you’re considering.

Towel Bars

They’re simple but necessary in any bathroom. Make sure you choose one that is the same finish as your faucets and similar in style. You’ll likely want a way to hang a hand towel near the sink and bath towels near the tub and shower. Don’t forget about a toilet paper holder or grab bar if that’s necessary for your situation.


The one exception for coordinating your finishes are the handles and knobs for your vanity. You can choose something that matches your faucet or you can coordinate with your tile or even add a pop of color with a porcelain, wood, or other finish knob.

With so many elements in your bathroom remodel, don’t forget about the little things. Talk to your bathroom remodeling company about the options they offer or places they recommend for your accessories. Jamco Unlimited will help you every step of the way with your bathroom remodel. Call (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form today for a free in-home consultation.