Schluter® Systems and Jamco, Innovating Together

You’ve likely seen that we refer to ourselves as the kitchen and bath magicians and one brand that helps us achieve magic is from Schluter® Systems. For over 40 years, Schluter Systems has developed products that help the tile industry by working with tile installers and manufacturers. We offer the Schluter Systems because we know that their products benefit the homeowner in many ways. One of the best innovations from Schluter is their unique edge protectors for floors, walls, stairs, shower benches, and movement joints.

Excellence in Bathroom Tile Installation Systems

Your bathroom likely has the most tile of any room in your home. From the walls of your showers to your flooring Schluter has a solution to increase the stability and durability of your tile. Your tile floors should include their DITRA products to help protect the tile and grout from cracking.

Their shower system includes waterproof wall systems, membranes, drains, and substrates. KERDI-BOARD is a waterproof product we use on walls, to build shower benches, tub enclosures, and vanities. When integrated with their membrane and drains, your shower has the highest level of waterproofing available.

For those of you who just don’t care to walk on cold tile during our cooler months, DITRA-HEAT is an electric heated floor system. It’s integrated with the DITRA product for maximum strength, warmth, and durability for your tile floors.

Flooring and Kitchen Tile

Tile flooring is a popular and common option in homes throughout Clearwater. When properly installed by a Jamco installer with Schluter DITRA, your tile flooring is less likely to crack as your home settles or moves. For homeowners considering large profile tiles, this product should be at the top of your list.
Kitchens also have tile backsplashes. We recommend installing the waterproof KERDI-BOARD in any areas where water is present. Although backsplash wall tile isn’t exposed to running water like a shower, the areas near a sink will get wet and stay wet. When you opt for the Schluter System in your kitchen, your cabinets and flooring will be better protected from water finding its way through the wall.

No matter how little or how much tile you’re using in remodel ask your Jamco consultant about the Schluter System and if it’s right for your home. We strongly believe your tile installation will last longer and perform better by choosing these products. Ask about the many benefits when you contact us for your free consultation. We can be reached at (727) 412-8524.

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