Kitchen Design Process

Jamco Unlimited’s owner Jim Macholz has a 20 year background in kitchen remodeling and kitchen and bathroom design with industry-leading skill at utilizing the 2020 design software. Because of this, we at Jamco can give you a 3D rendering of your new kitchen, in color, after you pick the cabinet color, wood species and door style you like. It’s your own, personal kitchen design.

Kitchen Design Showroom

If you don’t have a set of plans yet, or particular colors / products in mind, we invite you to our showroom, to give you options for kitchen design or bathroom design. We’re happy to explain your options with different types of cabinets, different species of woods, everything from a fixed color to a custom color.

Kitchen Design Measurements

Next, we set an appointment with you, to go to your house and look at your existing kitchen. We’ll ask you what you’re looking for out of your new kitchen and then we may make notes of a wall that is currently in the kitchen, or in the way that you may not want in the finished kitchen design.

Appliance Selection

It is important that you pick the appliances you are going to use prior to doing the whole job, because every appliance is a different size. They can either be a built-in or it can be a larger sized refrigerator. There are some huge refrigerators these days, so in order to make them look built in, Jamco will have to do some customization for the kitchen cabinets. That’s also going to decide which cabinet line a customer is going to be using. Some of the less expensive cabinet lines don’t offer all necessary sizes. You may have a 36” refrigerator that’s 33” deep and all you’re going to get is a 24” side table from some of the cabinet lines. If you go to a semi-custom cabinet line or a mid-line, you get a product that will cover that oversized refrigerator. As a result, the refrigerator looks like it’s built in, not just stuck in a hole with a little cabinet door above it that you have difficulty reaching, which is how many companies did it back in the day. It’s important to have your appliances picked before you even start the process of doing a kitchen. That should be your first concern. We like to have that done and we’ll ask customers that before they come in: “have you picked your appliances yet, and do you know what color and species of wood you’d like or are you just looking for some examples?”

A Recent Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

Jamco Kitchen Design vs. an Interior Designer or Architect

Unless an interior designer has kitchen design experience they are just going to put little boxes on a piece of paper, and dotted lines. They may do an elevation; it may not be the cabinet door style you want, or the granite color that you want, and they cannot give you the total picture of the kitchen remodel concept prior to them building the kitchen in a 3D rendering. Anywhere from 6-8 hours goes into your kitchen design with Jamco. It’s not just designing the kitchen. With most cabinet lines, once you’ve created the desired look, then we must take that size of cabinet and put it into pricing programs so we can give you an estimated cost of your kitchen remodel. That’s what is included in our design fee. When you select us for the job, we give you a credit back towards your final cost of your custom kitchen.

Tips for Appliances

Jamco sells GE, Whirlpool and Kitchenaid appliances, which are popular lines. We can always beat the big box store prices on appliances so we like to have you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick your appliances out, then when you come see us, we can price your appliances and usually beat that figure. As an added bonus, we’re going to install them: Lowe’s and Home Depot will not install the appliances, they’ll just drop them off and leave them at the house. You would still be paying extra for installation.

Design Program

The 20/20 design program is a very nice rendition program, giving you a real look at your dream kitchen or bathroom. There’s only 3 good programs available. AutoCad, which is very involved, Pro Kitchen, or 2020. 2020 hosts just about every cabinet line, so each of the cabinet manufacturers we use gives 2020 their SKUs. It’s software built on AutoCad, so if someone wants a 12″ x 30″ cabinet (12” wide, 30” tall) it’s going to have the dimensions of that cabinet with all the features of that cabinet and it is going to place it on the elevation where we want it.

Looking for some kitchen design inspiration? Check out this Pinterest gallery full of ideas!
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