If you’re kids have all flown the coop, or are ready to, you might be considering remodeling all or parts of your home. Although every family is different, more emptynesters stay in their home than ever before. Consider working with a remodeling company who can help you with ideas to improve the workings of your home for your new family situation.

If you really want to stay in your home long-term, you want to think about the spaces you’re planning on remodeling. You want them to work for you not just for today but a decade from now. Depending on your lifestyle, age and health, you may have different needs coming up. The most common remodels are in the kitchen, bathroom and empty bedrooms.

Kitchen Remodeling

When you remodel your kitchen, you want to think about the location of the most used items and if it’s working for you today. For example, if your microwave is currently over the stove, do you want to move it lower so that in the event you or your spouse is in a wheelchair it’s still accessible? Pull out drawer style microwaves are popular both with seniors and families with small children because of the location. If you’ve recently discovered a passion for cooking, perhaps your kitchen remodel includes a chef-style kitchen with plenty of prep space and high-end appliances. A good kitchen remodeling company will ask questions about your lifestyle and needs in the kitchen during the planning process.

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most common requests in a bathroom remodel where the family wants to stay in the home into their senior years is a zero-entry shower. This allows easy and safe entry. A few other things to discuss with your remodeling company is wall bracing for future grab bars (or grab bar installation), comfort height toilets and technological enhancements.

Bedroom Conversions

Whether you work from home and have been using your own bedroom or the dining room table now, one of the most common bedroom remodels is an office. If you don’t want to lose a sleeping space, look at a murphy bed or daybed. Other homeowners combine two smaller bedrooms into one nice size space or eliminate one room to create a dream en-suite master with a walk in closet.

No matter how big or small you’re remodeling needs, Jamco Unlimited can help. We’re a leading bathroom and kitchen remodeling company with the experience to bring your vision to reality. Let us know what you’re considering and we’ll help you through the process. Call (727) 412-8524 today for your no obligations consultation.