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Before Remodeling

The kitchen was more like a bedroom, with one entry point and a window.

  • While demolishing the ceiling, we encountered a concrete beam that altered the original plans.
  • A new set of cabinet doors had to be ordered for this section of the kitchen, and the boxes cut to fit.
  • A successful redesign had the clients more excited than they were with the original design.

After Remodeling

The owners of this kitchen wanted to achieve an open and airy feel that was ideal for entertaining guests.

  • Tripled counter space
  • Unobstructed view of living room
  • LED lighting for function and efficiency
  • New focal point of the home
Jim & Linda Macholz

Jim & Linda Macholz


Jamco Unlimited, Inc is a family business. From initial design concepts to the final construction, every step of the process is overseen by a family member to ensure your project is delivered from the heart.

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