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Before Remodeling

The homeowners had just purchased this “flipped house” without getting a home inspection. They have been trying to purchase this residence since the house was in foreclosure. Unfortunately, a flipper had purchased it and made a bunch of cosmetic improvements, replaced the A/C, and put a new roof on it. Those were the only permits applied for, for the work. They wanted to replace the new kitchen, all the baths, add a new office room where the lanai was, new windows and doors, and wanted a new back porch oasis where they could spend nights and weekends entertaining. They never knew what was behind the drywall…


  • When the kitchen cabinets were removed a lot of mold was present behind them and the baseboard in the entire house first floor
  • When the drywall was removed there were no studs in the walls the only thing holding up the house was the stucco
  • There were several makeshift tents in the ceiling to divert the water from roof leaks that had made several structural areas unsafe
  • The plumbing in the kitchen ceiling was a mess as well as the water lines in the walls
  • The beam that had to be put in the ceiling to hold the second floor was a big challenge to navigate it had to be slid in from the outside

After Remodeling


  • Open up the kitchen and incorporate the laundry room that is in the garage
  • Open shelving in kitchen was a must
  • Redesign the master bath adding a second sink and keeping the tub and the shower with more storage space
  • Make the powder bath larger and relocate entry
  • Add office off of bedroom where porch was
  • Make second floor bath more appealing
  • Add crown molding and shelf space to whole house
  • Add gas for all appliances

In the end, the homeowner finally had their dream home, exactly the way they wanted, and they say after 22 moves they have finally found home.

Jim & Linda Macholz

Jim & Linda Macholz


Jamco Unlimited, Inc is a family business. From initial design concepts to the final construction, every step of the process is overseen by a family member to ensure your project is delivered from the heart.

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