Crescent Oaks Tarpon Springs Kitchen Remodel

The Award Presentation


The customer hated the drop ceiling around the perimeter. The laundry room suffered from low level lighting that you could barely move around in. She also desperately needed more storage without losing her pantry. Low voltage led lighting, new energy star appliances, and a microwave that wasn’t 6 feet off the ground were just some of her concerns. Another request was to incorporate the laundry room in a way that blended in with the kitchen. The plans were drawn, and the story begins. We relocated just about everything in the kitchen, leveled the floor, brought electrical up to code, and removed the drop ceiling to use for storage space which made everything flow together much better. We were able to make the customers dreams come true!


  • Plethora of wires within the drop ceiling.
  • Completely unlevel floor.
  • AC unit in the pantry that had to be relocated to make room for the refrigerator.



Jim & Linda Macholz

Jim & Linda Macholz


Jamco Unlimited, Inc is a family business. From initial design concepts to the final construction, every step of the process is overseen by a family member to ensure your project is delivered from the heart.
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