Clearwater Beach Master Bath Remodel


Find a mural of dolphins as the centerpiece of the shower.

A new modern looking bathroom functional for 2 people including all of the bells and whistles.

Smart controls everywhere.

Hands free showeing and steam bath controllable inside and out.

A makeup area for her.

Heated Bluetooth flooring system.

Multi-function toilet with night light.

Overhead Rain heads with dual temperature control.

Heated Air tub with lighting big enough for 2

There was a steel girder truss that ran the length of the bathroom making plumbing runs very difficult, including wires that had to be ran up and around.

The shower drain had to be reconfigured to two drains in order to be able to handle the amount of water the kohler shower system produced.


Uncovered Steel Girder.

Discovered when the walls were opened up the exterior windows leaked everywhere, causing a lot of wood damage and mold near the tub that had to be repaired first.

Due to the amount of hot water we needed to add two water heaters to handle consumption rates.

Before Remodel

After Remodel

Jim & Linda Macholz

Jim & Linda Macholz


Jamco Unlimited, Inc is a family business. From initial design concepts to the final construction, every step of the process is overseen by a family member to ensure your project is delivered from the heart.
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