If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you already know it’s a serious investment. You may be looking at places to cut your budget, not splurge. However, because you probably only want to do one remodel, and you want it to love it and for it to work for you for a long time, there are places you should consider splurging.


Your current kitchen probably has a row of drawers across the top of your lower cabinets. However, it makes more sense to add drawer stacks and replace many bottom cabinets with drawers. This is because when you have drawers, it’s easier to see and find what you need. Plus, many cabinet manufactures offer storage options for drawers including knife storages, organization for storage containers and even places for dishes. They’re more expensive than cabinets but worth it because of the increased storage they provide.


All too often people don’t think about lighting in their kitchen remodel. It’s one of the elements that needs to be discussed and planned for early in the process as sometimes electricians are needed and other times the little changes you may want need to happen before drywall goes up or, in the case of a small remodel, the tile is installed. Some things to think about are can lighting, undercabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting and pendant lights.

Sink Space

Although the farmhouse sink is a popular option, it’s not right for every kitchen. If you’re the type of cook who makes a mess and cleans upon finishing, you might want two sides to your sink, one for dirty dishes and one to rinse fruits and vegetables. Of course, if your kitchen remodel is in the farmhouse style, and you have to have a farmhouse sink, consider a prep sink somewhere else in the kitchen.


Appliances are often one of the big changes homeowners want. Some complaints we hear are that they wish they had a double oven or that the microwave over the stove isn’t accessible for their kids. Other issues are with the placement that creates an awkward flow in the kitchen. Your appliances will be used every day so this is not a place you want to cut corners. Choose ones that have the features you want and compliment the rest of your kitchen’s new style.

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