Remodeling Ideas for Pet Owners

We love our pets. In fact, a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS® cited that just over half of homeowners undertook a home renovation to accommodate their pet! If you are a pet owner considering a home renovation, here are some great ideas for pet remodels that your furry family members will love.

Incorporating Your Pet into Your Kitchen Remodel

There are many options when remodeling a kitchen that you can incorporate into your design to make your kitchen more pet friendly. One of the more popular options are the under counter pet retreats. This space allows your dog to be ever observant without being underfoot. These can incorporate a crate to keep them secure and out of the way or a comfy bed that encourages them to be in their space.

If you’re tired of tripping over pet dishes there are many solutions. One is to not install a bottom cabinet in the area you’d like the pet dishes to be. This allows them to be easily accessed by your pet without the tripping hazard. Other pet remodels include incorporating them into a drawer or open cabinet area. All will help avoid spills and look great in your new kitchen. Storing food and treats is another frequent request during a kitchen remodel. Slide out drawers similar to trash bins work well. Consider positioning the cabinet near the dishes for convenience.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms or mud rooms are another popular location for dog or cat dishes and beds, or the ever unsightly litter box. Since there is already water in the room, consider adding a pet shower so you never need to bathe your pup in your bathroom again. This shower can also double as a place to rinse off muddy shoes and little people. If space allows, built in crates are another idea for the laundry room. If the space doesn’t allow, consider installing a Dutch door so your pet can have a safe private place when necessary.

If you’re remodeling your whole house, there are even more possibilities. Some homeowners incorporate pet rooms under stairways, and walkways for cats at the ceiling. If you have a need to keep your pet in or out of an area, consider a custom gate that fits with the room’s décor and style. Lastly, Pet doors are no longer the cheap plastic flap that can let anything in or out of your home. Consider an insulated pet door for convenience for both cats and dogs. Your pet will appreciate their new unique space.

At Jamco Unlimited, we love our pets and we love yours too! We want to make sure that your home is pet friendly with all the features and conveniences you want. Let us know how you’d like to pamper your pooch or comfort your cat and we’ll make some suggestions for pet remodels that fit whatever area of your home you’re remodeling. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 to schedule your no obligation appointment.

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