If 2022 is the year you get a new kitchen, chances are good that you’re looking to updated it. One great way is to incorporate a few of the current kitchen design trends. We’ve looked at several articles from national publications and put our favorite predicted kitchen design trends for 2022 in today’s blog.

Pops of Color

Although all white kitchens are a great option, we have often recommended homeowners choose a pop of color. Because so many of the paint manufacturers have decided that the “color of the year” is some shade of green, we think adding some green to your kitchen is a great choice. Whether it’s natural green in live plants, a green backsplash or even cabinets in a grey/green hue, it’s a great kitchen color.

The Cottage Kitchen

Both House Beautiful and Southern Living highlighted the beauty of a cottage style kitchen in their articles about kitchen design trends in 2022. Perhaps that’s because of the cozy feeling a cottage style kitchen evokes. Perhaps it’s the overall design trend in home remodeling where people are moving away from the open concept space to more defined spaces in the home. Either way, a cottage style kitchen is a trend we expect to see throughout this year and beyond.

Better Lighting

This includes both improving the artificial lighting and adding natural light to the space. If you’re remodeling and haven’t considered a skylight for your kitchen, talk to your remodeling company about it. Skylights add more natural light than windows and will make your kitchen feel bigger. If that’s not an option, look at adding accent lights over your counters in addition to the can lighting.

Natural Materials Throughout

You may only think of wood cabinets as the natural materials in the kitchen. However, one of the kitchen design trends we’ve been seeing grow of the past few years includes more natural elements. Consider a natural stone backsplash. Perhaps choose a contrasting granite backsplash to that of your countertops or a stone veneer. Exposed natural wood is another great option. If you’re thinking about shelves rather than cabinets in parts of your kitchen, look at the thick wood shelving options available.

Jamco Unlimited Can Help

Whether you want a kitchen that incorporates several kitchen design trends of 2022 or just want to add a few to bring your space into this decade, we can help. Our experienced designers are ready to listen to what you want and make recommendations so you end up with a kitchen you love. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form for your free consultation.