We understand that every homeowner is different and has a different vision for their kitchen remodel. However, as an experienced remodeling company, we understand some of the elements that add to efficiency, ease and practicality in today’s kitchens. Here are a few things you should consider for your kitchen remodel.

Oven & Cooktop Rather Than a Stove

Although stoves take up less space, modern kitchens more likely include a wall oven and cooktop than a stove. A couple of reasons you may want to consider this option is if you like baking with electric but cooking with gas. Or, you may want to look into a double wall oven for greater flexibility. Both stoves and wall ovens are available with smart technology features which can help with preheating or turning down the temperature remotely.

More Drawers Than Cabinets

Older kitchens often feature a row of drawers just below the countertop and perhaps one column elsewhere. A modern kitchen remodel will likely have more drawers than cabinets on the bottom. Drawers offer the benefit of easy access and organization. Your remodeling company can discuss with you the options from the cabinet manufacturers they work with.

Sufficient Lighting

Does your current kitchen have one or two florescent lights in the middle that makes it hard to see parts of your workspace? Today’s kitchens have can lighting as well as undercabinet lights. If your kitchen remodel includes an island or bar, you may want hanging pendant lights as well. Another option is adding lights above your upper cabinets or below your lower cabinets. Both make a difference in how the space looks and feels.

Integrated Trash and Recycling

Depending on the age of your kitchen, it may or may not include a trash drawer. Whether it does or not, chances are good that you don’t have a good solution for recycling. If you’re an avid recycler, talk to your remodeling company about their suggestions for your needs.

Specialty Features

Every family has different ideas about what they need in a kitchen. Just because your current space doesn’t have the solution you need that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Talk to your remodeling company about your needs. Families who entertain may want a built-in bar with an ice maker, small refrigerator and wine glass storage. Foodies who cook may want a pot filler and prep sink. If you’re a coffee addict, ask about some of the coffee bar options.

Your kitchen remodel should be just what you need and want so talk about your needs and find out what solutions exist. Jamco Unlimited is an experienced kitchen remodeling company who works with several cabinet manufactures so we can often find just the feature or solution you need. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 to get started on your kitchen remodel with a free consultation.