One of our most requested services is for a modern kitchen remodel. However, some people add the caveat that they want a bit of vintage mixed so it works with some decorative elements or the rest of the home. As an experienced remodeling company, we have some ideas that you can add to your modern kitchen remodel that will make it feel just a bit vintage.

Retro Flooring

Whether you want actual vintage flooring or just flooring that looks older, you have many options. If your modern kitchen remodel has a black and white color scheme, black and white tile flooring may be a great option. If you want hardwood, see if your remodeler has access to reclaimed wood flooring. Of course, many other flooring materials come in vintage options including luxury vinyl tile and engineered wood.

Incorporate Vintage Furniture

If you have an island in your kitchen or even a smaller wall and you don’t need it for counter space, consider finding a vintage credenza or dresser. Take it to a refinisher and work with them to choose a complimentary finish that works with your modern kitchen remodel. You’ll have a modern piece with a vintage look.

Open Shelving With Vintage Décor

You have many options with this one. From usable elements like older pots, bowls and Pyrex to items you’ll just keep for decoration like water pitchers and old kitchen tools like a manual mixer your open shelving can be a showcase of history.


There are many lighting manufacturers that make vintage looking lights. You can also find old style vintage bulbs. Lighting can be a focal point in your kitchen remodel and although it can be a modern fixture, the style can reflect any era.

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