That Won’t Break Your Budget

If you want a kitchen that looks like million dollars but doesn’t break the bank, we have some ideas that can make yours look amazing. Depending on the kitchen remodeling style you’re going for and your initial budget, you may be able to add one of these and create a kitchen that stuns. Of course, when you’re remodeling, the key is to create a space the works for you and solves the problem you have with your current space. Adding some flair is just the icing on the cake.

Waterfall Countertops

We love the look of waterfall countertops. If you’re not familiar with this option, it’s where you choose to have your countertop material down the side of your cabinet rather than a false cabinet front. It’s most often used on the side of an island or peninsula that will be seen as you enter the kitchen space.

Wood Beams

Real wood beams may be out of your budget, however, faux beams can be quite affordable. A faux beam is simply a three-sided wood box that looks like a beam on your ceiling but, in reality, is just thin wood facing. It can be a great addition to a rustic or farmhouse style kitchen.

Cabinet Front Appliances

Rarely do we notice the appliances in an upscale home. This is because they’re hidden behind cabinet fronts. You’ll have to buy the right appliances for this to work and choose a cabinet manufacturer who offers cabinet fronts for yours, but it can create a seamless look in your kitchen.

Furniture Style Cabinets

They’re often more ornate than traditional cabinets so they are more expensive, but they can make your kitchen look like it’s straight out of a mansion. Add a chandelier over your island and you’ll have a space that may not even resemble a kitchen other than the appliances. If furniture style is too much for your taste throughout the kitchen, consider a furniture style island for an upscale touch.

Brick or Natural Stone

Consider a feature wall with brick or natural stone from the countertops to the ceiling. It’s a great option for Mediterranean, old world, rustic and farmhouse kitchen remodeling styles. This can be an especially nice touch around the stove or cooktop.

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