As your family grows and changes, you may find that you’re using certain parts of your home less frequently. You may also begin wishing that you had a space for a new interest. If you’re facing this dilemma but don’t want to move, it may be time to talk to a home remodeling company. There are lots of ways they can help you repurpose the space you already have in your home. Here are a few examples.

Re-Divide Your Space

Or even undivide it (okay, not a word) but basically remove walls, move walls or add one. Perhaps the most common is the open concept living space where your home remodeling company removes a wall between the kitchen and living space or kitchen and dining room. On the positive side you’ll feel like you’re in a bigger space. However, keep in mind if you take down a wall that previously held cabinets, you may lose some storage unless you work to reconfigure your kitchen as well.

Another change families consider is to the bedroom area. Sometimes they want to take three bedrooms and convert them into two larger spaces. Other times, moving a wall can create a larger bedroom and a smaller home office. With so many people working from home and learning from home, this is a common request.

Repurpose a Room

For many years your bonus room may have been a playroom for your kids. Now that they’re teens they may all be in their rooms on their phones. A bonus room can be anything you need it to be. Turn it into a gaming/movie room or add a wall and split it into two rooms – one for working out and one for a home office. Whatever you need, you can do with an experienced home remodeling company.

Upgrade Your Storage

We have yet to find the homeowner who says they have enough of the right kind of storage. Some say their kitchen pantry lacks the right kind of space. Others wish for more closet space in their master bedroom. Some families need a better laundry room. When you talk to a designer about your storage space needs, they can help you with a design that will give you what you need. Sometimes that means taking some space from an adjoining room and other times it means simply creating better organized places to put things with custom shelving.

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