Whether you’re planning a whole home remodel, bathroom or kitchen remodel, you shouldn’t discount the impact the right lighting will make on your project. Not only will it make a difference in how the space feels when there’s sufficient lighting, but it can add to the overall style you’re going for. No matter what room you’re remodeling, you’ll need to consider three things when choosing the fixtures: purpose, style and finish.

Before we get to the elements you’ll need to decide on for the fixtures, you’ll want to know where you need new fixtures. When you have adjoining rooms, you want fixtures that compliment. If your entry light and dining room light are adjacent, you probably want to choose chandeliers that come from the same manufacturer’s line. In a bathroom remodel where you have two vanities, you may realize one requires a three-bulb light while the other is slightly larger and requires four bulbs. You’ll need to make sure the lights you choose have both options.


We may think that the purpose of all light fixtures is to provide light. And, yes, to some degree, that’s true. However, sometimes you also want the fixture to enhance the mood you want in the space. Other times, the purpose is fill light while other times it’s the only source of light in a room. For example, in a kitchen remodel, you may have can or recessed lighting to provide the bulk of the light while undercabinet lighting fills in where the can lights don’t reach.


The style of your light fixtures will influence the style of the space. If you’re remodeling your whole home, you want the light fixtures to compliment each other throughout the spaces that adjoin one another. If you’re going for an industrial style kitchen remodel, you don’t want to choose a traditional chandelier that appears to have candles in the dining room, the two styles don’t work together.


The good and bad news is that you can find lighting options in just about any finish from black and white to colors as well as traditional golds, bronze and chrome. When you’re trying to decide on a finish, look at the other elements in the space. For a kitchen remodel, you might have bronze finished faucets, if you do, you shouldn’t choose a shiny gold finish on your lighting. 

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