For the next several months one of our blogs is going to focus on the various remodeling styles. We realized that we often point out that certain elements would compliment specific styles but that we haven’t done a good job of defining those styles. In each blog we’ll talk about the common materials, design, cabinet styles, and other finishing touches. This month we’ll focus on traditional kitchen remodeling style.


Don’t think that because your remodeler describes what you want as a traditional kitchen remodeling style that it’s not going to look fresh and modern. Traditional kitchens use traditional materials like wood cabinets, natural finishes, and wood and stone for the countertops and flooring. Mostly you’ll avoid modern and trendy materials.


The key to the traditional kitchen remodeling style is that the space be welcoming. Make sure that you have space for your guests to sit and converse while you’re cooking or for families to gather and eat. Some common elements include a seating area with a bay window and countertop height seating along the island or peninsula. Avoid an island in the middle of the workspace.


Your cabinets should be wood and for the finish you’ll want the wood grain to show through. That means either choosing a stain or a whitewash finish where the grain pattern is still visible. You have a wide selection of cabinet styles from which to choose but because you want the space to be inviting, avoid hard angles. Glass front cabinets, crown molding and furniture elements work well in traditional kitchen remodeling.

Finishing Touches

Although most kitchens tend to have no window coverings, consider curtains for this style kitchen. The design should harmonize with the outside. Decorative lighting should have soft curves and not be too bright. Again, it’s about creating an inviting and warm feeling space. Recessed and undercabinet lighting are a good option here. Ideally you should consider a wood floor. If wood in the kitchen scares you go for natural stone or wood look tile. Avoid busy flooring like patterned tile.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in any style, including a traditional kitchen remodeling style, call Jamco Unlimited. We’re local and can share with you many examples of the various kitchens we’ve remodeled and help you choose a style you love. Call (727) 412-8524 for your free consultation today.