Some people equate the term modern with anything that isn’t dated. Others think of modern as trendy. When it comes to modern kitchen remodeling, the goal of almost every homeowner is to get away from the dated look they have so if you want a modern style kitchen remodel, it doesn’t mean that. It also doesn’t necessarily mean trendy, although you can have some trendy elements. Let’s look at the elements generally included in a modern style kitchen remodel.

Sleek and Simple

The overall look of a modern style kitchen remodel should be sleek and simple. Not that it lacks style, but that it lacks decorative ornamentation. For example, most modern style kitchens have flat front panel cabinets and the majority are frameless. If there is hardware on the cabinets it is often stainless steel, black or white and very simple in design.

You won’t find cabinets of varying depths or heights. You want to accentuate straight lines so the cabinets often all go to the ceiling. It’s common for modern kitchens to include cabinet front appliances too.

Light and Natural

Rarely are modern style kitchens anything other than light in color. This can mean lightly stained cabinets and hardwood flooring or cabinets painted a solid light color. The same goes for the countertops. You’ll want to avoid anything busy or dark which generally means you’ll want to choose quartz.

Few Accents

You won’t want to go overboard with accents. Choose a few well-placed elements that complement the design like a few pendant lights over the bar area or a butcherblock style table with chairs that coordinate with your cabinets. One comment accent is cabinet to ceiling tile because it provides a decorated wall without actual décor that takes away from the modern styling.

If you like your kitchen counters clear of clutter and want a minimalistic feel, a modern style kitchen remodel is for you. You have many options when it comes to exact color and style so you can let your interpretation of modern come through. Jamco Unlimited is ready to help you with your kitchen remodel no matter what style you’re looking for. Call (727) 412-8524 today for your free in home consultation to learn more about our services.