Although we may not live on the Mediterranean Sea, we’re privileged to live in an area with similar weather and beautiful beaches. If you want your kitchen to have the feel of the Mediterranean, follow these design tips for your kitchen remodel and you’ll love your welcoming yet timeless space.


You’ll want to choose a primary color pallet with rich earth tones including golden yellows, rich orange and cream. For your secondary colors, stick to blues, greens and deep vibrant reds. The overall colors in this style kitchen should evoke the feeling of warmth.


Avoid harsh lines in your cabinets like those in shaker style as those can feel cold. Inlays are a great way to add some visual interest to the cabinets with a soft touch. Because you are looking for a warm feel, you can choose painted cabinets in any of the hues you’ve chosen for your color pallet or natural wood with a golden finish. Your cabinet hardware should be decorative with soft curves too.


If you’ve chosen painted cabinets, consider a butcher block countertop for your island. If wood doesn’t suit your style, look at natural stone with browns, rich mahogany, or even darker browns if your cabinets are lighter cream. Avoid solid color stone as it can look too harsh and the goal with a Mediterranean kitchen remodel is for the space to be inviting and warm.


Most homeowners in our area prefer tile flooring in their kitchen. This is a perfectly acceptable option for this style kitchen as long as you keep the tile design soft and inviting. Square tile is a better option than rectangle unless you’re choosing a wood look tile. Hardwood is also a great choice because wood can be finished in any color and by its very nature is inviting.


Although we don’t always talk about the backsplash as a separate design element in a kitchen remodel, it can be a dynamic feature in a Mediterranean style kitchen. Colorful tile is one way to emphasize the style and bring some of the bold blues, greens and reds for your secondary color. If you want to keep your backsplash subtle, consider using the same natural stone on your countertop up your walls. Decorative tile and natural stone tile are other great ways to enhance the backsplash.

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