If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and part of your reason to remodel is better kitchen storage, we have some ideas for you. Although every family has different needs and different ideas for their new kitchen, almost everyone mentions that they wish they had more kitchen storage during their initial consultation. Here are some ways you can create better storage if adding on to your kitchen isn’t an option.

Pull Out Shelving

Chances are good that your current cabinets have stationary shelves. This makes accessing the back of the cabinet more difficult. That often means you only put things in the front because you can’t access the whole shelf easily. Pull out shelves make for more easily accessible space, which means you’ll be able to utilize your whole cabinet.

Quality Lazy Susan

Many older cabinets have a metal and unstable Lazy Susan in their corner cabinets. When you choose your new cabinets, if there is a corner cabinet, ask the remodeling company about the Lazy Susan that comes with the cabinet. If it’s not going to fill the entire cabinet or does not come with solid base shelving, consider upgrading or another cabinet line.

Multiple Doors on Islands and Peninsulas

If you have an island or peninsula in your new kitchen, there’s no reason you can’t access the shelves inside from both the front and the back. This can greatly increase the cabinet’s storage area as pull-out shelving can only be so deep. There are two ways to go about this. Either your designer can add two cabinets back-to-back so the space is separate or you can have one cabinet with extra deep shelving.

Add Drawers

Bottom drawers, rather than cabinets, are a relatively recent trend. The benefit is much like that which pull out shelving provides, except deeper. Wide drawers are an ideal solution for storing things like dishes, storage containers and bakeware.

Vertical Dividers

We all have that cabinet that’s above the refrigerator or stove that seems difficult to use. However, with vertical dividers, that cabinet becomes a great solution for storing baking sheets, cupcake tins and other larger flat things you have in your home.

Choose the Right Company for Your Kitchen Remodel

Choosing an experienced company who uses quality cabinetry will help ensure that you have some of these options for your new cabinets. However, it’s essential that you communicate your needs and wants with your designer. Better, yet, call Jamco Unlimited for a free consultation. We’re the kitchen magicians and can create the perfect kitchen storage spaces for your home. Reach us by calling (727) 412-8524 or filling out our contact form today.