Although there are countless kitchen styles, the top three remain the same year after year. They are:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional

In a survey by Home Stratosphere of over one million homeowners, almost a third reported having a traditional style kitchen. As you and your remodeling company begin to discuss what you want in your kitchen to look and feel like, you may not know which remodeling style you really want. Here is some insight as to what each of these styles entail.


A traditional kitchen is warm and welcoming. Cabinets are usually natural wood, often a dark tone, with either raised-panel doors or embellished. Crown molding is a must and hardware should have a decorative flare. Although all kitchen remodeling trends change over time, you’ll find that most traditional style kitchens today include granite countertops. Overall the color pallet included tans, golds, browns and black.


Some people think that a white kitchen is a kitchen style when it really falls under the category of a contemporary kitchen. Although not all contemporary kitchens are white, most are. Cabinets are almost always a white flat panel. Cabinet hardware and faucets and light fixtures are simple and often brushed nickel. Quartz and marble countertops are more common than granite as they are available in lighter colors with fewer patterns. Although primarily white, you’ll also find a blues, mauves, tans, greys and black included in contemporary kitchen color schemes.


The best way to describe the last of our kitchen remodeling trends is to call it a mixture of traditional and contemporary. Cabinets may be natural wood or painted. Granite, quartz and marble are common countertop materials and any lighting style goes. However, you won’t find an all white kitchen or one that’s all wood tones. Instead, the color pallet includes some combination of greys, blues and tans, however, you’ll want colors that fall in the cool rather than warm hues.

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