One of the biggest reasons homeowners give us as to why they are remodeling their kitchen is because it’s dated. However, before you finalize your kitchen remodeling plans, consider some of these trends. They can add to the look and efficiency of any style kitchen.

Bold Colors

Black and white kitchens are a thing of the past. We’re seeing bold colored cabinets and appliances, not to mention walls and backsplashes. If you’re not ready to add too much color, consider a bold color countertop on your island or some bright wallpaper on the walls – yes wallpaper is back in!

Hidden Appliances

Also commonly referred to as cabinet front appliances. This trend has continued to grow in popularity over the past decade or so as more appliance manufacturers make appliances ready for cabinet fronts and more cabinet companies offer the fronts. Cabinet front appliances gives your kitchen a cohesive look.

Minimalistic Elements

Plain or flat front cabinets or simply open shelving are a big way to add clean lines to your kitchen. If you want a minimalistic look in your kitchen, make sure to choose solid painted cabinets and simple drawer pulls and cabinet knobs.

Different Materials in Unexpected Places

Natural stone countertops are expected, however, what about a natural stone floor? It can be a great way to add style to your new space. Copper, shiplap or reclaimed wood and brick backsplashes are other trending styles.

Hidden Range Hoods

Stovetop exhausts are required by code. That doesn’t mean you have to see it or pay a lot for a custom range hood. Simply ask your kitchen remodeling company about options like faux brick, copper and even a cabinet to hide yours.

Larder Style Pantry

Most homes have a pantry or cabinets for dry goods storage. Shelves are deep and it’s not always easy to find or get to what you want. A larder style pantry has shallow shelves meant for displaying goods and making them more readily accessible.

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