We like to call ourselves the kitchen and bathroom magicians as we’ve done more bathroom and kitchen remodeling than just about anything else. Over the decades, we’ve amassed quite the portfolio and know what works and doesn’t. Today, we’re going to share some of our kitchen remodeling tips that really can apply to a whole home remodel or any other project.

Be Realistic

Unfortunately, HGTV and other channels that show remodeling projects aren’t always realistic. Many times, families completely move out during the remodel and other times the contractors work 12 – 15-hour days to meet a production schedule. And, although the families layout their budget, they’re not always adhered to and we often don’t hear that the special item that one spouse adds for the other costs thousands outside of their budget. Here are some unrealistic expectations some families have about kitchen remodeling:

  1. Budget – If you have one you want to stay in, trust your remodeler when they layout what they can and can’t do in the remodel.
  2. Timeline – A kitchen remodel may take a little as three weeks from tear down to completion, however, cabinets and other custom or specialty items sometimes need to be ordered 6 or more weeks before they’re needed. Your remodeling company should give you a timeline and update you throughout the process as to their expectations.
  3. Change process – Changes are one of the biggest timeline issues in any remodel. If you ask for a change, it may seem simple but some changes require electrician or plumber to come back out and then another inspection. Not all changes are as simple as they seem. Talk with your site manager before making the final decision on a change.

Research, Plan & Visualize

Because there are so many kitchen remodeling companies and so many products you can put into your kitchen, you have a lot to do before you finalize anything with the remodeler. The better you understand differences in various products, like granite and quartz, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the finished project.

As you and your remodeler plan the layout and any special designs for inside the drawers and cabinets, make sure that your small appliances and other items you’re looking to store fit in the cabinets with the layout you’ve selected. Most remodeling companies will present you with a final design as well as a color board or actually lay out the cabinet, countertop and tile you’ve selected. This can help you visualize your new kitchen. Before you sign the go ahead, make sure you love what you’ve picked. If not, now is the time to make changes.

Put Functionality First

All too often people get caught up with the latest design trend in their remodel. If it’s just a paint color, go for it, paint isn’t that hard to change. However, if you want something that’s trendy, think about the effort to replace it should you decide that it’s not for you anymore. Things like gold faucets are pretty trendy now and fairly easy (although can be expensive) to replace. On the other hand, shiplap backsplashes are also trending and not as easy to replace.

Jamco Unlimited can help you with the kitchen remodeling process. We’ll help you know what’s a good trend to follow and one that you might not be happy with over time. Call us today for your free consultation – (727) 412-8524.