One of the less common kitchen remodeling styles is the old-world kitchen. However, when done properly in a home that has the right décor, this can be a dramatic showplace in the home. If you’re looking for a different style kitchen remodel and are planning on working with an experienced design/build company, ask them about this option for your space.

Key Design Elements

Although you do have a lot of flexibility with an old-world style kitchen remodel, you can really make this design feel like your own. However, you do want to include several of these key design elements:

  • Historically Appropriate Flooring – The two primary options are wide plank flooring and natural stone flooring. However, with today’s wood-look tile, you can choose tile that looks like wood if you prefer tile as your kitchen flooring material.
  • Ornate Cabinetry – Sometimes this means distressed wood, other times it means cabinets with some visual interest like an intricate design or even furniture style cabinetry. If available in the cabinets you select, you should strongly consider hidden appliances. You do have many options, but you should know that you’re likely going to need a bigger budget for cabinets for this style kitchen remodel.
  • Brick and/or Metal – One of the best ways to make your kitchen old-world is to add a brick accent wall. You can do this behind the stove or just to any wall for visual interest. You don’t have to add full bricks, many manufacturers make brick veneer which is as thin as about ½”. Metal is another popular element in old-world kitchens. Consider it as your backsplash or in your accessories like a pot hanger over an island or even large cabinet pulls.
  • Earth tones – When you choose your colors, you’ll want the beauty of any natural wood to show through the stain. Rich golds, ambers and even rust is a great option for the wall paint color. Old-world kitchens tend to look a bit darker so make sure your paint color doesn’t add to that feeling.


Unlike a modern or industrial style kitchen, you’ll want to have plenty of accessories when kitchen remodeling in this style. Some ideas include using open shelving with historical looking vases, bottles, cast iron pans and serving dishes. Consider copper bottom pots to hang from a pot rack. Look at hammered nickel or copper drawer pulls.

Just keep in mind that an old-world style kitchen can be among the more expensive styles in which to remodel. It can also require a bit more space than some other styles which thrive on simplicity. If you’re considering this for your new kitchen, meet with the kitchen magicians at Jamco Unlimited for your free consultation. Call (727) 412-8524 or fill out our form today for your free consultation.