There are many trends from past years that continue in 2019. And we’re seeing the revival of some old styles again. Because it’s your kitchen, you really can’t go wrong with any style kitchen or décor choice, but if you’re looking for the latest trends for 2019 as your plan your kitchen remodeling project, you might want to look at these ideas.

Soft Finishes

Rather than shiny and high-gloss, matte and soft accents are popular in cabinet finishes. This also goes for sinks, fixtures and knobs. New paint technology makes matte finish cabinets just as easy to clean as their high gloss counterparts but with a subtle and soft look.

Copper and Brass

Rather than the norm of chrome and nickel, these two metal finishes are big in 2019. Consider a copper backsplash or vent hood cover. You’ll love how it looks today and years from now as it patinas. If copper is out of your budget, consider brass faucets and cabinet knobs. They come in many styles and go well with your soft finishes throughout the kitchen.

Different Appliances

There are so many appliance options available. You’ll find more than just the average stainless, white and black in color options this year. Choosing the right color can really make your appliances a statement piece in your kitchen. You also now have many more options for appliances. Some of the more popular that people are adding in their “must have” kitchen remodeling budget is the wine station and ice maker. These two popular modern appliances are great for families who entertain.

Natural Elements

This goes hand in hand with the soft finishes. Rather than shiny backsplash tile, more people opt for natural elements like stone tile. For some homeowners, natural wood is a big part of their kitchen including an island finished with a butcher block countertop rather than another material. If you have a wall without cabinetry, consider a faux stone wall to bring the outside in.

Single Level Islands

Gone are the days of the raised countertop island. Today’s countertops are both work spaces and entertainment spaces. If you’re adding an island to your kitchen or your kitchen remodeling plans include one, stick with the single level.

You may have noticed that we’re not talking about cabinet trends at all in today’s blog. That’s because there are so many new trends with cabinets that we’ve dedicated next week’s blog to cabinetry. If you want to talk to the professionals at Jamco Unlimited about a 2019 kitchen remodeling project, call us today at (727) 412-8524 and we’ll schedule a free consultation.