Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

Your cabinets use up the bulk of your kitchen remodeling budget. Once you’ve set your budget and know which cabinet lines fit yours, it’s time to start trying to narrow down your options. Where to start? Color first and then choose the style cabinet or pick the style and then a color offered in that style? There is no right or wrong way to start your selection, just remember that your kitchen cabinet options are the element you notice the most. The style and color you choose will impact the rest of your choices and set the tone for the kitchen.

The Exterior: Style and Color

The two main classifications of cabinets are framed and frameless. Frameless cabinets are more contemporary while framed are more traditional. A framed cabinet can be identified because there is a frame around the opening of the cabinet that the door attaches to. Cabinet colors vary from natural wood to paints of all shades. Gone are the days when all cabinets in a kitchen were the same color. Some modern style kitchens have top and bottom cabinets in contrasting colors. More traditional kitchens have islands with a complimentary color that is different from the rest of the kitchen. As long as there is harmony you can choose multiple colors, we do suggest if you decide to mix colors, keep the style of your kitchen cabinet options consistent.

Cabinet Features

The interior of the cabinets and the drawer options are the next element you should select. Different cabinet manufacturers offer different features. Some options include pull-out shelving for pots and pans, sheet pan dividers, integrated trash and recycling bins, and knife drawers. The features you choose will increase the cost of the cabinets but help with storage, organization, and accessibility in your daily use. Nearly all new cabinets come with soft closures. Most drawers do as well. One feature offered in most custom cabinet drawers are full extension drawer guides. For some homeowners, this is a must-have so be sure to inquire as to the type of drawer guide yours will come with.

Finishing Touches

The last elements to choose are the small details such as cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and under cabinet lighting. Although the cabinet hardware is a small feature in your kitchen, think of it as an accessory that will be noticed. When selecting your hardware, consider the finishes in and around the rest of the kitchen like doorknobs, faucets, and your appliances. Create harmony with the finishing touches. Under cabinet lighting has both purpose and adds style. Many homeowners put under cabinet lights along the bottom cabinets to add style and interest to the kitchen. Lighting below the upper cabinets can help illuminate a workspace and create visual interest. Lastly up lighting along the top of the upper cabinets offers warmth and soft indirect lighting in the kitchen. As you begin your kitchen remodeling, your new cabinets are likely the backbone of your redesign. Make sure to take the time choosing not only the color and style you love, but also the features within each cabinet. The design experts at Jamco Unlimited are ready to help suggest the right cabinets from our multiple cabinet lines. One will surely fit your taste and budget. Call today for a free in home consultation about your kitchen makeover at (727) 412-8524
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